About Us


Paloalto is a swimwear brand that is inspired by my admiration for my mother. It is a place where I share values and a love for nature and simplicity. I have always envied my mother's style, whether she was young or not so young. Her clothes were exclusive, handmade, and made of high-quality textiles. Most importantly, she knew how to live in the moment.

Paloalto embodies this spirit, offering unique pieces that capture the inspiration of freedom and authenticity, without comparison to anyone else. In an era where clothing quickly becomes outdated and designs are driven by trends, Paloalto stands out. Our designs are directly inspired by my mother's youthful photos. We produce the swimwear with local manufacturers of Toledo, Spain, where we meticulously craft our swimwear, paying attention to every detail.

Our products represent more than just swimwear; they support local manufacturers, utilize unused textiles from the industry, and prioritize sustainability by creating garments that are timeless and of the highest quality.

I created Paloalto because I could never find the swimwear that I wanted. This is the essence of Paloalto—fulfilling the need for swimwear that truly resonates with personal style and values.

Elevate your summers with Paloalto.

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